Maker Education is such a valuable role. These stories will bring you the latest information and tales of maker educators who area spreading the maker mindset. Help others learn how to make things or how to think like a maker at makerspaces, schools, universities, and local communities. The importance of maker education can not be understated. We appreciate our educators.

Author Matt Zigler in the makerspace

Making as a Creative Practice

Matt Zigler is the author of a new book for educators titled “3 Modes of Making.” He talks about imitation, modification and innovation as three different modes of student projects, which develop different maker skills. Matt is an artist and educator who has been running the makerspace at Bullis, an independent school in the DC area. He brings a background in art and creative practice to the makerspace and his school. it’s not that every student is going to be an artist but every student should develop a creative practice, regardless of subject or area of interest.

AI Robots Book and its Authors

AI Robots for Kids

This episode features an interview with the authors of a new book from Make: titled “AI Robots” which includes Reade Richard, Andy Forest, Brenda Shivanandan and Denzel Edwards. The book teaches kids how to build AI-powered projects using hands-on activities and coding. Each project has four different sections that include the physical build, electronics, coding […]

Jason Kennedy and Donnell Layne of Moreno Valley College

Growing into the Future: The Makerspace at Moreno Valley College

What a makerspace at Moreno Valley College can do for community college students and faculty Donnell Layne and Jason Kennedy developed the iMake Innovation Center Makerspace at Moreno Valley College in Southern California, an Hispanic-serving community college in Riverside. They talk about developing the space to meet the needs of students and faculty as well […]