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Mercury glass is a beautiful collectable, prized for its silvery, shimmery finish and rich layers of texture. But vintage pieces are as expensive as they are rare. Fortunately, you can use Krylon® Looking Glass® Mirror-Like paint to recreate the look with recycled glass vases and candleholders.

There are several ways to get the look and they could not be more simple. Don’t plan on making just one piece. Instead, give yourself an instant collection. Select mismatched glass with varying heights and shapes. The paint will unify them.

Display them with branches of greenery, candles, moss, velvet and crystals to create a high-style vignette that evokes the beauty of the season.

7 Responses to New Project: Faux Mercury Glass from Recycled Vases

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  1. holl0wcaustic on said:

    If you want brighter silver, do your second coat with Krylon Chrome paint.

  2. what happens if you spray the outside instead? i have an old lamp i want to try this with…but i cant get the inside, only the outside

  3. I love this idea! I found your tutorial quite by accident after looking for real or even faux pieces to decorate a difficult nook in my home. I practiced on a cheap vase and it looks good enough to set on a table by itself or in a group as suggested above. Now I’ll have to resist the urge to paint all the decorative glass in my home! Thanks for the tip you saved me a lot of money.

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