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Tron: Legacy was a decent movie, but what I was really wowed by were the luminescent costumes. I’ve been playing around with light-up clothing ideas ever since, and the simplest idea uses electroluminescent (EL) tape and some velcro to approximate Jeff Bridges’ glowing druid look from the film. It’s not remotely screen-accurate (for you purists out there), but it is a great way to wow your friends during a night out.


Step #1: Sew velcro to hood.

Simple Light-Up HoodieSimple Light-Up HoodieSimple Light-Up Hoodie

Cut a length of velcro equal to the length of the EL tape and hand or machine stitch the soft side onto the inside of the hood near the edge. You may want to remove the drawstring first.

Step #2: Attach velcro to EL tape.

Simple Light-Up Hoodie

Attach the prickly "hook" side of the velcro to the back of the EL tape. (Mine came with an adhesive backing, but you may have to glue it.)

Step #3: Juice it.

Simple Light-Up HoodieSimple Light-Up HoodieSimple Light-Up Hoodie

Attach the EL tape to the hood. Connect the EL tape to the extension cable, then the inverter. Turn it on, stick the inverter in your pocket, and show that you, too, fight for the User!

Step #4: Going further

Simple Light-Up HoodieSimple Light-Up HoodieSimple Light-Up Hoodie

To achieve a longer wear time, use 2 shorter lengths of EL tape that meet at the apex of the hood, each with its own 2×AA inverter.

Craig Couden

Craig is an editorial assistant with MAKE, and among other things enjoys video games and light up clothing.


  1. Travon says:

    Maybe if Travon was wearing he wouldn’t have gotten shot..

    1. RobotAccomplice says:

      Too soon.

  2. Hugo says:

    Use fishing wire for the sewing otherwise you see all the thread, use chopsticks cut down to size to reinforce the connections at the start of the el wire run as that’s the weakest point once you start moving around with the clothing. Wire in a push to break switch too for more control. Don’t forget the end cap or secure the end of the el wire so it doesn’t short out.