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I’ve carried the same Leatherman Super Tool for 19 years, and it’s still going strong. I recently decided to update my everyday carry. After trying several multitools, I discovered the Sidekick. It’s solid, handsome, and opens to deploy 14 tools (including two pliers, wire cutters, two knives, file, saw, wire stripper, screwdrivers) that combine most of my favorite features from across the Leatherman line.



  1. Eike says:

    So, where’s the review?

    1. Brandon says:

      Didn’t you see it? He said it’s solid and handsome.

  2. benzo says:

    What is that beaner next to the Sidekick? Thing looks legit.

    Also, Make should do a regular EDC column. I really feel the lack of more “everyday” tools in my life…

  3. Kirt Thomas says:

    Skeletool ftw.

  4. MP says:

    What if I want *both* scissors and pliers?

  5. Phil Dostie says:

    Hey, I feel like this review is a bit light on content. How about comparing it to the one you’ve had in your pocket for the past 19 years? There must be some pros and cons there. Maybe it’s lighter, a different steel, maybe more tool or less.


  6. Gregory Hayes says:

    Eike et al – This is an extremely light version of the review, filed down for print from my original which contained a lot more detail. I’ll ping the editor to see if he still has my more thorough review, which I’d like to share.

    Benzo – That beaner ships with the Leatherman Sidekick. I imagine you’re supposed to clip the leather pouch with it, but I keep my tool in a belt pouch with other regularly accessed goodies; the carabiner clips my car key to my main keyring, and comes in handy often for all sorts of trouble. I like your idea of an EDC column.

    MP – You’ll want a different tool if you need the scissors. My big hands don’t care for the tiny scissors I’ve found in any multitool, starting with my childhood Swiss Army knife, and it’s not a feature I shop for.

  7. Arfy says:

    Some news about your review ?

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