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Type A Machines

An affordable, accurate printer with a huge build area and lots of potential.
sip4 roundup torture typea Type A Series 1

Torture test print. Click to view large.

TYPE A MACHINES’ SERIES 1 IS ONE OF THE NEWEST (AND LARGEST) 3D PRINTERS we reviewed, but even though it was released only months ago, it has already made waves in the community due to its huge build area and competitive price.

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SIP4 Cover RGB1 Type A Series 1

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  • Primo Features Huge print volume, quick-release build platform, rock-solid extruder
  • Print volume 9″×9″×9″
  • Print speed 90mm/sec
  • Print material PLA,
    ABS, PVA
  • Resolution (z-axis) 0.1mm
  • Machine software Repetier or Printrun
  • Slicing software Slic3r or KISSlicer
  • OS supported Windows, Mac, Linux
  • Open Source Yes
  • Price as tested $1,400
  • Pedigree Original, with RAMPS electronics
  • Print without PC? No

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Eric Weinhoffer

Eric is a Manufacturing Engineer at Other Machine Co., where he uses large machines to make smaller machines. When not building things, Eric enjoys skiing, cycling, and climbing.

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