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Doing Da Vinci

Alan Federman built our Da Vinci Reciprocating Gear project in MAKE Volume 24 (video above). He has a number of other cool working Da Vinci models, built in wood, on his YouTube channel. You can learn a lot about the basic mechanics of gears, cranks, screws, and other simple machines... Read more »

Make: Projects — Build a Wind Lantern

On the latest Make: Live, we had Dustyn Roberts, our mechanics mentor for the month, give us a tour of her Wind Lantern project, from her book Making Things Move. She’s also has put up the build on Make: Projects. It’s a fun introduction to vertical-axis wind turbines (VAWT), building... Read more »

Skill Set: More on Tapping Skills

In response to my post yesterday on tap and die, one of our fave MAKE contributors, Ross Hershberger, posted a set of tips we thought should have its own post. Then, reader johngineer chimed in with his own excellent tips. We love getting this sort of intel from our community.... Read more »

Skill Set: Understanding Motors and Motion

We have another installment from Dustyn Roberts’ wonderful book, Making Things Move. In the last chapter, we covered “Introduction to Mechanisms and Machines.” Today, we look at motors and motion with “Chapter 6: Eeny Meeny, Miny, Motion: Options for Creating and Controlling Motion.” In this chapter, Dustyn covers the basics... Read more »

Son of Know Your Bolts

In the comments on yesterday’s piece about Bolt Depot’s poster of fasteners, a reader, JamesB, wrote: I would encourage budding young fabricators to also take a look at the bolt grade charts and get an inexpensive universal thread gauge. For found fasteners, the grade markings help differentiate metric from SAE,... Read more »