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Book Binding

Comic artist Toby takes you through the step-by-step process of binding your own book as he works on the assembly line to put together his comics for a MoCCA event. There are tons of photos and descriptions on the whole process. Link.

10 thoughts on “Book Binding

  1. I’ve been using this method to bind my books–it’s easy and it works beautifully. I was so inspired by how amazing his books looked I went out and got a nice printer and all. Home bookbinding makes life better!

  2. It was seeing this post that got me into binding books. I have several pdf’s for rpg’s that I play that I have bound this way, as well as several house rules documents that I formated specifically for this purpose. For those who are curious, you can use this method to get soft covered leather bound books, but the stuff the leather is treated with before hand (or maybe it was the glue) will seep right through the binding on every page.

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