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O’Reilly editor Brian Sawyer took a class on altered books this past weekend and shares with us the techniques and process of creating a work of art from a used book. This craft is quickly gaining popularity as an artform. According to The International Society of Altered Book Artists (ISABA), an altered book is “any book, old or new that has been recycled by creative means into a work of art. They can be … rebound, painted, cut, burned, folded, added to, collaged in, gold-leafed, rubber stamped, drilled or otherwise adorned …and yes! it is legal!Link.


Getting Started with Altered Books – Link.

6 thoughts on “Altered Books

  1. Unfortunately I’ve found these “works of art” at my local public library.

    And I thought highschoolers with sharpies were annoying before…

  2. Er, I don’t think any altered book artists endorse altering any book that isn’t your own. Not that I consider myself an “artist” after a single workshop, but if you really mean to compare their amazing work with “highschoolers with sharpies,” I’m insulted on their behalf. As a bibliophile myself, I can certainly see reason for concern when it comes to defacing books (and I too would be pretty upset to find altered books in the library stacks), but I’d expect a little more thought or nuance in the critique.

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