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Old School DIY Farm Equipment – Bill Whitaker’s Homemade Tractor

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I want a tractor that goes 60 mph like this one! Winning pulling contests, drawing wagons, skidding logs, raking hay, pushing a snowplow: You name it and Bill Whitaker’s do-it-yourself tractor does it. And the machine only cost $200 to build. And I’m wondering if that gives you any ideas?


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12 thoughts on “Old School DIY Farm Equipment – Bill Whitaker’s Homemade Tractor

  1. $200 in 1978

    which still isn’t bad considering it’d be about $600 today, tho I doubt you could buy some of those vehicles for those prices now, or even anywhere near them.

  2. The quarterly magazine “Farm Show” has DIY tractors and implements like this in every issue, and also have compilation issues with all the home-made gadgets, both big and small. The compilation issues are for sale individually without subscribing, but you can get some of them free if you do. Despite being for farmers mostly, it embraces the Maker spirit and reminds us it has been here a long time.


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