Caption contest… Open source MP3 player

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Bre made a LASER TAG case for his MP3 player, if you haven’t seen it, check it out (and how to build one yourself). Ok fine, here’s my case mod for the MAKE: Open source MP3 player – laser cut acrylic, a MintyBoost -as- a power supply and uses USB rechargeable batteries, we call it VOLTRON, this nerd fight is ON. Oh, once we work out a couple things, we’ll post all the files to make your own case and also figure out a way for folks to get the cases + 440s.

On a related note, the new Apple shuffle ad is fun, but we don’t have the budget Apple has (yet) so Makers, help caption the photo(s). Apple says “put some music on”.

Here’s one to get you going for our MP3 player…

“The only MP3 player guaranteed to get you SECONDARY SCREENING”.

Post up in the comments we’ll pick a caption later today and the winner gets a MAKE pocket ref.

56 thoughts on “Caption contest… Open source MP3 player

  1. Daisy ™: Give me your answer do.

    or Daisy: Music built for two.

    Don’t know, though, if it’ll pass muster with copyright though.

  2. (Both were for the mp3 player, btw.)

    (Actually, neither was; thought the contest was for an ad-line for the mp3 player. My critical reading skills are l33t.)

  3. “The best way to hold your shirt down and your geek up!”


    “- and for my next project, a holographic keypad to go … here.”


    “Man, this thing needs gesture control…”

  4. 1. “Look Ma, no solder burns!”
    2. “Bringing liberty to the free world one less DRM at a time.”
    3. “I can’t sing, I can’t dance… but I sure can solder!”
    4. “MAKE it your music.”

  5. “Great Success, Very Nice!”

    “iPod? Try mypod!”

    “When god gives you circuits…”

    “DRM: Do it Right, MAKE”

    “If at first you succeed… THUMBS!”

    “I just saved a bunch of money on my MP3 player by switching to MAKE!”

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