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Blackboard Idea Globe


Sometimes you just want to write on the world. Don’t have much room for a full white board or maybe you think chalk boards are outdated and take up too much invaluable wall space? Why not build yourself a handy desktop idea globe?


1. Used classroom globe (in this case my wife bought me one from target for x-mas).
2. Chalkboard Paint
3. Spackle
4. Newspapers
5. Gesso (with squirt of black acrylic paint).
6. Coat Hanger


5 thoughts on “Blackboard Idea Globe

  1. The Science Museum of Minnesota has one of these… on a much larger scale… in its “legacy” collection. The plaque states that sales never really took off, and it’s hard to blame a school for passing on a giant spherical blackboard.

  2. I have a larger one of these in my schoolhouse.
    It has black continents, blue oceans, and no placenames.
    I presume students were supposed to label the continents.
    It has a kind of “world without borders” cool.

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