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Make: PDFcast Comic – How to Make a Ring from a Half Dollar

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Download the pdf to read the comic that explains in more detail how to make a ring from a coin. – PDF Link

You know what would be awesome? If someone with photoshop skills could photoshop an old Charles Atlas ad (link 1 and link 2), and make it an ad for Make: to go at the end of this comic book! If you’re into photoshop and can do something like this, drop me a note at bre at makezine dot com!

18 thoughts on “Make: PDFcast Comic – How to Make a Ring from a Half Dollar

  1. My dad has been making them since the 30’s. His specialty is to have the writing appear intact in the center of the ring. He uses a spoon, says it is better to keep the ring straight. His problem is that pre 64 silver dollars are becoming hard to find.

    I am going to see if I can find a pic, he usually gives them away as birthday gifts with the birth year visible, and post it.

  2. I’ve been at this for ages now (same coin!). Text is only half bent in and I have been beating on it with a hammer for probably close to 5 hours altogether. I can’t believe people did this with a spoon! I also have to go out into the underground carpark to do it, cos it’s really noisy (earplugs ftw!). If my ring ever gets done, I will post a photo to the stream.

  3. An even more challenging method of making coin rings is to drill a hole in the center that is around a third of the diameter of the coin (trial and error is a large part of this). Then using a metal rod (or anything hard that fits in the hole) you can start tapping and/or burnishing the edge inside the hole. Eventually (this can take a very long time) you will have a ring with a smooth inner edge and intact text on the outside.

  4. That sounds really interesting quiznak, do you have any examples showing what you mean? I would love to see, and hear how you make em?

  5. I don’t have examples right now, but when I have a chance I will make a new one and post an Instructable about it.

  6. Hi,

    Thanks so much for this project, it was super fun & the whole family got involved. One thing I found out is that if you coin warps (I’m guessing most people’s would unless you take infinitely long to gently bang) you can sandwhich it between a brick & block of wood & bang like crazy to straighten it out.

  7. Great project, but, I give these to kids so proofing counts. Page 3 of the PDF, I think you mean “warp”.

    Quote-“After an hour, the coin started to
    work. I think this is because I was
    hitting it hard. Patience would
    probably give you a straighter ring.”

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