Make: PDFcast Comic – How to Make a Ring from a Half Dollar

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Make: PDFcast Comic – How to Make a Ring from a Half Dollar

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Download the pdf to read the comic that explains in more detail how to make a ring from a coin. – PDF Link

You know what would be awesome? If someone with photoshop skills could photoshop an old Charles Atlas ad (link 1 and link 2), and make it an ad for Make: to go at the end of this comic book! If you’re into photoshop and can do something like this, drop me a note at bre at makezine dot com!

18 thoughts on “Make: PDFcast Comic – How to Make a Ring from a Half Dollar

  1. vigodits says:

    My dad has been making them since the 30’s. His specialty is to have the writing appear intact in the center of the ring. He uses a spoon, says it is better to keep the ring straight. His problem is that pre 64 silver dollars are becoming hard to find.

    I am going to see if I can find a pic, he usually gives them away as birthday gifts with the birth year visible, and post it.

  2. Iteki says:

    I’ve been at this for ages now (same coin!). Text is only half bent in and I have been beating on it with a hammer for probably close to 5 hours altogether. I can’t believe people did this with a spoon! I also have to go out into the underground carpark to do it, cos it’s really noisy (earplugs ftw!). If my ring ever gets done, I will post a photo to the stream.

  3. quiznak says:

    An even more challenging method of making coin rings is to drill a hole in the center that is around a third of the diameter of the coin (trial and error is a large part of this). Then using a metal rod (or anything hard that fits in the hole) you can start tapping and/or burnishing the edge inside the hole. Eventually (this can take a very long time) you will have a ring with a smooth inner edge and intact text on the outside.

  4. Iteki says:

    That sounds really interesting quiznak, do you have any examples showing what you mean? I would love to see, and hear how you make em?

  5. quiznak says:

    I don’t have examples right now, but when I have a chance I will make a new one and post an Instructable about it.

  6. impromptuexpert says:


    Thanks so much for this project, it was super fun & the whole family got involved. One thing I found out is that if you coin warps (I’m guessing most people’s would unless you take infinitely long to gently bang) you can sandwhich it between a brick & block of wood & bang like crazy to straighten it out.

  7. A noni mouse says:

    Great project, but, I give these to kids so proofing counts. Page 3 of the PDF, I think you mean “warp”.

    Quote-“After an hour, the coin started to
    work. I think this is because I was
    hitting it hard. Patience would
    probably give you a straighter ring.”

  8. vbhhhtyyyy says:


  9. vbhhhtyyyy says:


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