Turn a paper shredder into a pasta maker


Paper shredders were allegedly inspired by pasta machines, so why not take them back to their roots? Not sure how well this works. According to the wikiHow, this “hack” was made popular by the Food Network’s resident deep geek Alton Brown. If you’re a foodie/cook *and* a geek, you might enjoy Brown’s Food Network show, Good Eats, as much as I do.

How to Use a Paper Shredder as a Pasta Machine – [via] Link


  • HOW TO – Make a hand cranked document shredder – Link

18 thoughts on “Turn a paper shredder into a pasta maker

  1. I love his show, and Iron Chef (Japanese version). I don’t think I’ll ever eat what they cook on the show, but at least it’s inventive.

  2. I agree. Aside from the obvious mess, I would be afraid of toxic chemicals coming from the tape adhesive and inks used on the paper being in the same place you put food.

  3. Really a thoughtful idea. Has good potential to turn from office equipment to a food processor. If its successful its really going to be a big hit.

  4. This is great advice! The last line really hits home. I try to clean my computer desk with my computer on. A new email comes in and…there goes my attention!

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