DIY Vacuum extraction recycling facillity, also known as the super can crusher

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Here’s the latest “Gadget Freak” from our friends @ Design News –

Let’s say you have a Beer Chucking Refrigerator within range and a Can Crusher out in the shed. Now all you need is a way to get the empties out to the can crusher without having to get up and walk out to the shed. Here it is — you just pop the empty can into this vacuum transporter and thwap! Before you can say “one to beam up,” that can is recycled. A 1hp centrifugal blower supplies the vacuum and high velocity flow to send the can through 50 ft of 3½ inch tubing from Ed’s patio to the crusher in his garage in under one second. A PIC microcontroller operates the whole system from the time he opens the hatch to the time the little chunk of compressed aluminum is ejected from the machine.

Vacuum extraction recycling facillity – Link.


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