Hooray, the new Sampler Select just went on sale! Each month, Team Sampler puts together a limited amount of Sampler Selects, which contain a hand-picked bunch o’ cool and crafty items created exclusively for the Sampler by some really talented folks. What’s even cooler is that each month the Sampler Select has a new theme–this month’s is “Sleep”. Here’s what you get:
• A bedtime story zine about bunnies created as a collaboration between Sampler creator Marie Kare and her brother Rex Kare, II
• An original, archival print by Susie Ghahremani of Boygirlparty
• A completely amazing plush Bed Bug, handmade by Mandy of SappyMooseTree
• A “Sweet Dreamz/Nightmaries” mini dream journal handmade by Deb of If’n Books
• A very delicious “Chocolate Slumber” herbal tea by Herb + Ginger
• A travel-sized candle tin in “Twilight Mist” by Beccalights
• A “Songs to Sleep to, or Not to Sleep to” CD by Clovis Heald
• A super comfy eye-quilt by Jennicakes
• An “itty bitty blankie”, handmade and distressed by WonderlandQ
• A Color-It-Yourself Tasmanian Devil gretting card kit by Renee of Wolfie and the Sneak
• A fused glass nightlight handmade by Amy of Amy Burhoe Designs
See more info and pix at Home of the Sampler. Link.