Sampler Select: Sleep

Hooray, the new Sampler Select just went on sale! Each month, Team Sampler puts together a limited amount of Sampler Selects, which contain a hand-picked bunch o’ cool and crafty items created exclusively for the Sampler by some really talented folks. What’s even cooler is that each month the Sampler Select has a new theme–this month’s is “Sleep”. Here’s what you get:
• A bedtime story zine about bunnies created as a collaboration between Sampler creator Marie Kare and her brother Rex Kare, II
• An original, archival print by Susie Ghahremani of Boygirlparty
• A completely amazing plush Bed Bug, handmade by Mandy of SappyMooseTree
• A “Sweet Dreamz/Nightmaries” mini dream journal handmade by Deb of If’n Books
• A very delicious “Chocolate Slumber” herbal tea by Herb + Ginger
• A travel-sized candle tin in “Twilight Mist” by Beccalights
• A “Songs to Sleep to, or Not to Sleep to” CD by Clovis Heald
• A super comfy eye-quilt by Jennicakes
• An “itty bitty blankie”, handmade and distressed by WonderlandQ
• A Color-It-Yourself Tasmanian Devil gretting card kit by Renee of Wolfie and the Sneak
• A fused glass nightlight handmade by Amy of Amy Burhoe Designs
See more info and pix at Home of the Sampler. Link.

Jenny Ryan

Jenny Ryan is an artist, crafter, and maker of things. She lives in Los Angeles with a pack of various animals (including her husband) and writes about her adventures in creating at Exit Through the Thrift Shop.

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