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LEGO Speakers

This MacGyver wannabe fashioned a reportedly decent-sounding speaker from little more than a magnet, wire, a plastic cup and LEGO parts.

How To Make a Speaker – [via] Link

8 thoughts on “LEGO Speakers

  1. If you want to be persnickety about it, it’s really not a LEGO speaker at all–no more than a Mustang is a “rubber car” because it has tires. What’s clever about it is actually just what you said: it shows people how simple a speaker really is. I love stuff like this because hopefully it will get people a little more comfortable with electronics and not be so intimidated by the idea of wiring something together.

  2. yup, we did something like this in my honors physics class last year with an old cool-whip container. It worked suprisingly well.

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