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LEGO Speakers

This MacGyver wannabe fashioned a reportedly decent-sounding speaker from little more than a magnet, wire, a plastic cup and LEGO parts.

How To Make a Speaker – [via] Link

8 thoughts on “LEGO Speakers

  1. samurai1200 says:

    also be sure to check out the styrofoam plate “hi-fi” speaker (link is at the bottom of that page…)

  2. sartre says:

    A speaker IS a magnet, wire and a cone of some sort. Good grief. Throw some legos at it and everybody is amazed.

  3. kryten007 says:

    If you want to be persnickety about it, it’s really not a LEGO speaker at all–no more than a Mustang is a “rubber car” because it has tires. What’s clever about it is actually just what you said: it shows people how simple a speaker really is. I love stuff like this because hopefully it will get people a little more comfortable with electronics and not be so intimidated by the idea of wiring something together.

  4. Fenwick says:

    yup, we did something like this in my honors physics class last year with an old cool-whip container. It worked suprisingly well.

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