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Cardboard rocketship toy


The PaperPod Rocket comes flat and blank, ready to be decorated by your children. Ships from the UK and is too small for adults, so I think it’s a perfect candidate for a re-make. I think I can reverse-engineer this thing from the photo… Nigel’s Eco Store sells other eco-friendly holiday gifts as well. – [via] Link.

8 thoughts on “Cardboard rocketship toy

  1. Mr McGroovys has a bunch of free plans for various boats, castles, firetrucks, and more. The site sells cardboard rivets. I haven’t tried them, but they look really cool.

    They remind me of the rivets that held on the upholstery of my old car. I wonder if they are the same?

  2. You’re going to need cardboard from a Sub-Zero fridge or a supplier with 4′ x 8′ sheets for the adult version. This may be hard to source.

  3. A fridge box, or washer/dryer/stove box and a knife kept me happy for hours when I was a kid. I made rocket ships, race cars, houses, caves, submarines, planes, sometimes all at the same time with the same box.

    Oooops, no knives for kids these days…

  4. The link to Mr McGroovys above has a good idea bout locating large boxes.

    They suggest that you find the delivery service for the large appliance stores. These places usually have all the boxes you need from all the refridgerators, stoves, etc that you

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