Named after the United States Bowling Congress’ (USBC) former testing facility employee Harry Lawrence, this computerized bowling robot is part of a two year study of bowling ball motion and how new technologies can influence and effect lane conditions and scoring in the popular sport. Pretty crazy video with details on the motion tracking aspect along the lane that follows the path and speed the ball takes in order to optimize the robot’s actions.

USBC’s Robotic Bowling Ball Thrower – Link

8 thoughts on “Harry, the robotic king pin “strikes” again

  1. Is it just me, or do we desperately need someone to produce an Instructable on narration for video?

    (I KNOW we need one for photography/videography…!)

  2. Robotic ball thrower? Meh..

    How about robotic pins that move out of the way and retaliate against this unprovoked aggression?

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