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Jenine Bressner – Craft Artist

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Jenine Bressner is an artist and all around craft genius from Providence, Rhode Island. I got a chance to sit down and chill with her yesterday afternoon on a sunny day in San Francisco’s Mission District. Aside from her charming personality, you first notice Jenine’s most amazing and ornate glass bead necklace. She actually got stopped by a couple passerbys admiring her craft. You really can’t take your eyes off of it. Jenine tells me that there’s a lot of math and technical expertise involved in each glass bead. Each one seems to tell it’s story as she feels for a certain bead and tells me something about the process. She makes jewelry from the glass beads which she showcases on her site and was a vendor at the Maker Faire’s Bazaar Bizarre. More on the beads soon. For now, if you are in the Bay Area, Jenine is teaching a workshop this Sunday afternoon at Rock! Paper! Scissors! Collective in Oakland, CA called “Shoemaking with Sweatshirts” (photo below). How to take your old sweatshirts and make shoes out of them! If you are interested, please make sure you give RPS Collective a call to sign up (510) 238-9171. Link.


Shoemaking with Sweatshirts Workshop, RPS Collective

Sunday April 30th, 2pm – 4pm – Link.


A sample of her sweatshirt shoes which “feel like slippers”, she says.

Jenine Front-1

Jenine in her self-designed jewelry, clothing, and shoes.

Jenine Back

Her hoodie sweatshirt could almost be a visual diary where she is constantly adding to with designed applique, embroidery, and beading — whatever she can do to remind her of places she’s been or things she likes.

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  1. jenine is the realest. her work and outlook on life is of a superhigh quality. she has also constructed dolls with extraordinary glass eyes. i’m so happy to see her getting props by the maker community – a perfect match!

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