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This is an interesting Google Earth interface by Jens Franke & Thomas Gläser. It utilizes and Arduino, foot switches, and overhead projector to navigate the Earth.

Arduino Earthwalk represents an intuitive way to control Google Earth. The user navigates on the earth´s surface using five footpads. The arrows represent the cardinal points as heading directions. Activation of one of the pads simultaneously with the center pad will speed up the pace of navigation. Simultaneous activation of the pads marked with plus or minus will result in zooming in and out respectively.

Learn more about Earthwalk [Google translated]

8 thoughts on “The Earthwalk project

  1. If we had only the functions of heading into the 4 directions we wouldn´t have used Arduino. But with a 5th pad in the middle you have many other functions like heading on step by step or going faster. By combining 2 pads the user gets a chance to zoom in and out. That´s why we used Ardunio…

    best regards
    Jens Franke
    Thomas Gläser

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