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Aluminumcanjewelry Nyetsy
The {New New } York Etsy Street Team create their own recycled jewelry with their tutorial on how to make aluminum can jewelry. Thanks Kimm!

6 thoughts on “HOW TO – Make Aluminum Can Jewelry

  1. What is the item that was referred to as a disc/stamping? I see several people have posted this question on the site but no answer has been given yet.

  2. The author of the article DID answer that question, and she said she bought her discs from
    brooklynsoul said…
    Hey guys, thanks for the compliments! A disc/stamping is basically just a piece of metal that has been pre-cut into a shape. (round in this case) They can be silver, brass, copper, etc. You can also make your own shapes and cut them from a sheet of metal.
    The disc I used is made of aluminum. One side is a little rough, but when I tried to file it down with some sandpaper, it got really scratched up. So when I made a second one, I put two discs back to back so that there are no more rough edges!

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