(Photo of CRAFT contributor Christine Haynes by Jessica Wilson–more in the Flickr pool.)
Just wanted to share this clever summer project–sewing together recycled, thrifted umbrella fabrics to create a fun multicolored sun shade. This one was made by the gals who run ReForm School, who hosted the CRAFT: 07 release party in L.A. last Sunday. They simply sewed the edges of each umbrella together, then added grommets around the perimeter. It worked great during the party and lent a really festive look to the patio.
In other summer decorating news–Wisdom of the Moon has a great tutorial for making these simple yet pretty marble suncatchers. [via WhipUp]

38 thoughts on “Recycled Umbrella Shade

  1. I love the umbrella shade!! If it were me though, I would have to add either a pom-pom trim, or a fringe trim (the fringe would be extra-long!!). To me, it just cries out for one of the two! Or hey- you could take some cheap worsted-weight yarn, and crochet an edging for it, it wouldn’t take long if you did a simple one, and wow, it would be so cool-

  2. Recycling old umbrellas certainly make beautiful colorful shades, and are more economical too than going in for new ones. However there is nothing better than getting new ones at Wholesale Rates

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