Our pals at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories celebrated the two year anniversary of their site on Saturday and we missed it! Hope they saved us some fractal cookies or fabbed candy.

It’s hard to believe the site’s only be around for two years. They’ve done so many amazing, memetically viral, projects, what with the Joule Thief, Bristlebots, circuit snacks, interactive coffee tables, target board business cards, and boxes of electronic mystery junk. All this and more is why, when I go to their site every few days, I feel as though I’m about to stumble upon something that’ll make me glad I got up that morning. Can’t wait to see what they dream up over the next two years.

So: Happy (Belated) Birthday, EMS Labs! If this is evil, I don’t wanna be good.

BTW: They have a round-up of projects on the site. Some of them you may have missed, like the papercraft rotary fraction adding machine.

20 millicenturies of Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories