The fine fellows at GeekDad wrote a lovely review of the Maker’s Notebook. Here are some excerpts:

The front and back cover are pure cyan with a white dashed grid — basically, a canvas for your creativity (see photo). Maybe you want to color-code the covers by topic or date, maybe you just want to make it pretty. In any case, you can customize your notebook like it was a Guitar Hero controller: the Maker’s Notebook comes with tons of stickers to help you personalize it.

In classic composition book tradition it has reference charts in the back. But forget kiddie helpers like multiplication tables and classroom reminders. This is grownup stuff: it is a section of handy reference material for makers, hackers, tinkerers and scientists. A multimeter how-to, sewing needles, LEDs. Can’t remember Asimov’s Laws of Robotics? It’s in there. Need a Morse Code chart? Got it. There are twenty pages of this reference material. The book even has a bookmark ribbon and comes with a giant rubber band to help keep it closed….

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GeekDad Review: Maker’s Notebook Justifies Its Price


In the Maker Shed:

Pick up The Maker’s Notebook ($19.99) for all your ideas, diagrams, patterns, and great references in the back.