Maker’s Notebook review

Nice review of The Maker’s Notebook on Duffbert’s Random Musings: Ok… this might be the most unusual book review I’ve ever done. I’m about to review a book consisting of… blank pages. Ah, but what blank pages they are! :) It’s the Maker’s Notebook by O’Reilly Publishing and the staff at MAKE magazine. I was […]

1000 Journals documentary

I’ve been excited about the forthcoming 1000 Journals documentary. In case you don’t know about the 1000 Journals project and documentary, here’s a synopsis: 1000 Journals is a film about people whose lives are touched by 1000 traveling journals. These blank journals were released into the world in the summer of 2000, by Someguy, a […]

Moleskine wallet

Moleskine wallet

Here’s a wallet/cover Richard Bryan made for his Moleskine sketchbook. It’s made out of duck cloth and elastic banding material bought at a fabric store. There are two pockets on the front, one for cash, one for credit cards. The material is taut enough to hold everything securely in place. The second picture shows how […]