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Nathan Luoto of Lynnwood, WA made these bracelets from clothespin springs. This is a perfect craft for when you finally get a dryer. Via the MAKE Flickr Pool.

72 thoughts on “Clothespin Spring Bracelets

  1. So this is why this pic is getting so many hits!
    I (Nathan Luoto) go by Aud1073cH on the web.
    My mother came home from work and handed me a bag with almost 5 pounds of these springs. She had done some craft with the wood part, and these were left over.
    The bracelets came from just playing with them, and I found I could link them in different ways, but only in loops, since each spring has only one receiving end (the coiled end) and one grabbing end. So the largest loops are the simple bracelet of just 12 links. The smallest loop is made from two springs linked to each other, that I use to join links of other types. There is also the triangle loops of just three springs.

  2. Thanks for that great insight into the process! Like you said, lots of crafts use the wooden parts of clothespins, but what a great way to not let anything go to waste. Plus they just look neat.

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