Betz White has a tutorial on how to make a Super Foam-erator from a recycled plastic water bottle.
Betz writes:

In my quest for summer activities to entertain the boys I started reminiscing about a foam making toy I had as a kid. It was sort of shaped like a big plastic lolly pop with terry cloth on one side. You dunked it in water, put a little bubble soap on it and then blew into a tube. It didn’t make regular soap bubbles, it made long foamy snakes. I remember how much I played with that thing and knew my boys would enjoy a toy like that.

4 thoughts on “Super Foam-erator for Kids

  1. This looks SOOO fun! Just be careful playing with this in the yard, as I have heard that some dish soaps can kill grass.

  2. made two tonight for my girls, worked superbly. Just make sure to tell the kids to BLOW….. when taking in air, they ended up with a mouth full of bubbles!

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