World’s largest subwoofer?!

Largest Subwoofer2
Largest Subwoofer

Gaze upon what is purported to be the biggest subwoofer in the world – The ‘Real Total Horn’, built beneath its own listening room –

Royal Device has on its own developped and built in Italy the biggest subwoofer of the world for an AUDIO/VIDEO room that can be also considered as the greatest AUDIO ROOM for private music listening of the world. The Royal Device audio room belongs to Roberto – the audio designer who made it.

The audio reproduction is focused on the speakers output capability more than electric power output of the amplifiers with no need of KWatts power supply lines, releasing more than 110 dB/1W/1 meter sensitivity starting from below 10 Hz focused on the listening position.

  • SUBWOOFER horns are built underneath the floor in a cavity of 1 meter deep. Each horn is driven by 8 x 18″ (47 cm) woofers. A total of 16 woofers.
  • Each horn is 9.5 meters long and has a floor mouth area of 2.2 square meters and reproduce starting from 10 Hertz FULL POWER. The real mouth area IS NOT the one on the floor. The real mouth have to be considered together with the side vertical frontal panels. The total horn is calculated onto the listening point considering the side walls and the ceiling loadings. This reduces the floor mouth that is not in open air.

(hmmm … wouldn’t that drum kit create some unwanted vibration?)

No word on a mobile subwoofing bus as of yet. Click on for huge pics + details – THE BIGGEST HORN SUB OF THE WORLD

26 thoughts on “World’s largest subwoofer?!

  1. ANY room CAN can be “considered as the greatest AUDIO ROOM for private music listening of the world.” The only thing especially unique about this one is that the sub is large and horn loaded. Not all people appreciate the “unique features” of horn systems.

    As for 16 18″ drivers, that’s not a big deal. My previous system had 12. As for 10 Hz bass extention, my system (being BagEnd) had that too. This system is likely louder. Is that the only thing that constitutes the “greatest” in the world?

    Yes, mine consisted of CMU chambers hidden under the floor just like this one and I suspect many others as well. The difference is that I didn’t feel the need to advertise its, and my own, greatness in creating it. I sure it works nicely but I could do as well with a lot less and have done so.

  2. Larry Ellison’s house in the hills has a swimming pool sized woofer.

    From Wikipedia:
    His entertainment system cost $1 million, and included a rock concert-sized video projector at one end of a drained swimming pool and turned the gaping hole into a giant subwoofer.

  3. Oh this is bright. Wait until they crack their foundation and the walls and the building starts to crumble in upon itself. Jeez what schmucks!

  4. Unless the main speakers are electronically delayed, there’s no way they’re in phase with that woofer. So the low notes’ harmonics will be smeary and timbres will be wrong.

  5. I like the long transmission line but they should have found a way to make it not a bandpass enclosure with that sealed inner spot. That is if that part ended up sealed?

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