Origami Wall-E

Brian Chan figured out how to make this origami Wall-E from a single uncut square of paper. It looks like a 2 hour project for someone with decent folding skill. My mind is officially blown. Images and the Wall-E folding pattern are available on Brian’s site. I found the above time-lapse video on MIT’s TechTV video site. The site looks like a YouTube for hackers and is also well worth checking out.

Brian Chan’s Origami Wall-E
Wall-E Folding @ MIT TechTV

3 thoughts on “Origami Wall-E

  1. For even better results diffusing, tape a small thin piece of white fabric (for instance a bit of a white, “no static” glove) to the front of the flash – if done right your flash should be soft and still be able to close.

    Diffusing is alright, but it tends to eat up your flash power and not give you a lot to show for it. For much better results, try bouncing the onboard flash. Check out these instructions for making a “finnbounce” –

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