Origami Wall-E

Origami Wall-E

Brian Chan figured out how to make this origami Wall-E from a single uncut square of paper. It looks like a 2 hour project for someone with decent folding skill. My mind is officially blown. Images and the Wall-E folding pattern are available on Brian’s site. I found the above time-lapse video on MIT’s TechTV video site. The site looks like a YouTube for hackers and is also well worth checking out.

Brian Chan’s Origami Wall-E
Wall-E Folding @ MIT TechTV

3 thoughts on “Origami Wall-E

  1. Jeff says:

    You could also use free sample color gels inside of it for different effects. Some of the samples are even stop downs for the flash intensity. theres alot you can do with something this simple. There’s an instructable on how to get free gels to link below:


  2. Nathaniel Reinhart says:

    For even better results diffusing, tape a small thin piece of white fabric (for instance a bit of a white, “no static” glove) to the front of the flash – if done right your flash should be soft and still be able to close.

    Diffusing is alright, but it tends to eat up your flash power and not give you a lot to show for it. For much better results, try bouncing the onboard flash. Check out these instructions for making a “finnbounce” – http://www.prime-junta.net/pont/How_to/hc_Bounce_Built-In_Flash/a_Bounce_the_Pop-up.html

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