I collect patches for my travel pack, and they’re great for conversation starters while traveling. This patch can help you meet fellow nerds along your way, and let them take away a little digital something (website, email addy, favorite recipe) by snapping a phonepic. Here’s a sample use-case from the p8t.ch website:

THEM: “Hey, what happened to your leg?”

YOU: “Oh, I broke it in a highly harebrained, yet thoroughly entertaining way. Here, scan my p8tch and you can watch the video!”

THEM: [scans the p8tch: BEEP!] “OH DEAR GOD YOU IDIOT wow ha ha, let me buy you a beer.”

YOU: [enjoys beer]

When you have one, you can change what it points to through the website’s database, so I’m sure with a little scripting it could even reflect your twitter feed. If you have silkscreen and serging capabilities, though, I’m sure you could make your own! Via Core77.