Arduino Project: Oskar van Deventer’s 4-Bit Maze

This is a nice adaptation of Oskar van Deventer’s 4-Bit Maze. All you need for this build is an Arduino, a few LED’s, and some buttons. The hard part is figuring out all the code. Fortunately, you can download it from the web site.

The implementation of Oskar van Deventer’s 4-Bit Maze is an excellent beginner Arduino project that makes simple use of pushbutton switches and LEDs for digital input and output, respectively. The 4-bit maze, as the name implies, is a maze with a state encoded as four binary bits and displayed as on/off LEDs. Initially, all four lights are on (i.e. the initial state is 11112=1510). The object is to turn all four lights off (i.e. the goal state is 00002=010). In each state, each “on” bit may be selected. Each leads to a different state with that bit “off”, yet other bits may change as well.

Make you own Oskar van Deventer’s 4-Bit Maze with an Arduino []