This is an interesting video I found on YouTube. I really like the integration of a touch-screen and the Arduino. I just wish there was more information about this project. I don’t think this would be too difficult to reproduce in Processing?


  • 8″ touchscreen LCD from ebay
  • My super DELL computer ^^
  • Visual basic to create the Piano APP
  • Arduino Software to create the tone prog.
  • Arduino Dicimila +usb cable+piezo speaker.


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6 thoughts on “Arduino Touch-Screen Piano

  1. I wonder why you didn’t ask over on youtube for more specs and software,I would have been happy to hand them out :P

    and it seems my videos is popular ^^

    I might reowrk it and make something cooler just for the Make site ;p

  2. Hey,how u doin?
    I made something else using my touchscreen and arduino via Visualbasic,I’ll be posting a video on youtube soon enough.
    It’s a Muscle Car Model on which I’ve added 4 servos to adjust the suspension height,all controlled via the screen including a console style communication with Arduino.If you wanna do something about it,email me ^^
    have a nice day

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