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Green exercise

The Green Microgym recently opened in Portland, Oregon – in addition to using solar panels and green building materials, they’re working with several companies that harvest power from gym equipment, including ReRev and Human Dynamo.

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6 thoughts on “Green exercise

  1. Eat SPAM then go to the green gym.

    There is nothing green in a gym that is full of new equipment that was made from fossil fuels.

    The green gym is located in the vacant lot or along the highway picking up trash.
    Multi task, pick up trash and get some exercise.
    Smiling and Shaking your Booty for the person next to you at the green gym is not multi tasking.

  2. Since not happy (above) isn’t going to convince an entire nation to turn its back from execise equipment, and since obesity is also a problem, I don’t see how this could be framed as anything other than a brilliant idea too long in coming.

    There’s no reason not to force the machines to give something back.

  3. It’s about time something like this came along. Hopefully these machines will be available for home use some time in the future.

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