HOW TO – design a custom Arduino shield

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HOW TO – design a custom Arduino shield

Arduinoshield Trans
Arduinoshield Dev
From the MAKE Flickr photo pool

Instead of relying on the usual project wiring, Kris designed a custom Arduino shield for controlling an LED light bar. He was also kind enough to document the ins and outs of his process –

After many months of working on my Arduino based project, I decided to finalize my project by making my own custom PCB. At first I wanted to design a PCB that connected to the Arduino through a series of cables. After some thought however, I realized that a shield would be better because it would eliminate the need for cables.

Make a custom Arduino shield

Arduino Shield on Flickr

Dscn1138 Mid
DIY Arduino Shield

Arduino Protoshield Kit
ProtoShield for Arduino Kit

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