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Build your own laser tag system

This homebrew LaserTag game uses a cheap laser pointer combined with a toy gun and a PIC16F628A microcontroller that connects up to a piezo transducer which is used for producing various beeps. The 5 pin header plug at the bottom of the device is used to connect to a programmer for in-circuit programming. Check out all the details at the link below.


14 thoughts on “Build your own laser tag system

    1. Yes, lasers are bad for the eyes, which is why the ‘laser’ in laser tag is a misnomer, because the guns actually use IR emitters, alongside a simulated laser effect from red LEDs.

  1. Hi there,

    I’m also building a laser tag system. I was wondering just how big is the target area for your laser tag system? One of the problems was finding a sensor that isn’t too small. Also did you have to amplify the signal of the laser sensor that is coming into the circuit? Also what about other light? did you use some kind of band-pass filter in your circuit so that it only responds to the laser pointer?

    I’m only in the beginning stages of my design project. Please email me back about this. I would greatly appreciate this. my email is

    Thank you

  2. seems interesting! maybe i should try making it. i have a big huge house with big basement maybe i should put a laser tagging game down there, so when company come over we can have fun….

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