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Core77 has a nice writeup about the new exhibition at the MAD Museum:

Second Lives: Remixing the Ordinary will be the inaugural exhibition at the Museum of Arts & Design when it opens to the public today at it’s new home, 2 Columbus Circle. The exhibition features work by 50 international established and emerging artists from all five continents who create objects and installations comprised of ordinary and everyday manufactured articles, most originally made for another functional purpose. Paul Villinskii, an American, creates beautiful butterflies out of his old record collection, producing a “soundtrack” of his life. English artist Susie MacMurray used yellow rubber washing gloves, turned them inside out and stitched onto a calico form to create an imposing out-sized dress. Other featured works are made from buttons, spools of thread, artificial hair, used high-heeled shoes, plastic spoons and forks, shopping bags, and 25-cent coins to mention only a few.


“Sound Wave” – A wave made from a pile of melted vinyl records