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DIY Fog Screen

MAKE author Steve Lodefink remade one of those cool n’ fancy vapor projection screens you’ve likely seen in used for special effect video display –

If you’ve ever ridden the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland, you will remember how, right before you hit the first drop, you are greeted with the ghostly image of the tentacle-faced Davey Jones creature warning you that “dead men tell no tales”. I certainly did.
I have no idea how the commercial fog screen makes those glass-smooth sheets of air, but all I could think of was to shoot the air through some drinking straws. I made a little box-jig and hot-glued up some bricks of 2 inch straw sections. I then chained those bricks together into long vents. It does straighten out the airflow quite a bit, but certainly does not produce a laminar flow.

Well, it looks pretty impressive from here! Head over to Finkbuilt to see how it’s done – DIY Fog Screen