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Photographer Robbie Cooper shows just how focused young video-game players can be… NYTimes video.

16 thoughts on “Immersion

  1. That was more interesting than I had counted on.
    Before watching it, I was ready to point out that kids who enjoy reading can be just as focused and undistractable, but the subjects were more animated than I was counting on, so the comparison turned toward sport fans. A group of guys on a couch watching their team would appear very similar from the same perspective, and depending on who was winning, might say some of the same things.

  2. Would have liked to have seen some more cerebral games. I wonder what the reactions would have been with a game like “Shadow of the Colossus” or Aeris’s last scene in “Final Fantasy VII”.

  3. @andrew a great one would have been portal, I would have loved to see the puzzled looks.

    Not to sure why this was done though, not sure if their are political undertones here or not.

    Woulda been cool to see a comparison between consoles and PC games, to see the difference in eye movement.

  4. I imagine I would look like that stoner kid that is the picture for this article. Followed by me jumping up and down when I finally fixed the problem I was working on.

  5. Did anybody else notice who was in the credits? Andrew Wiggins (or rather Wiggin) was Ender’s name in Orson Scott Card’s classic.

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