Chris reviewedThe Golden Book of Chemistry Experiments” as well as “Mr Wizard’s 400 Experiments in Science”, he writes –

“Mr Wizards 400 Experiments in Science”. (Reno: “Emilio Lizardo is a top scientist, dummkopf.” Perfect Tommy: “So was Mr. Wizard.” -The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, now available on DVD!). Written by Mr Wizard himself, Don Herbert with Hy Ruchlis, this book is more about demonstrating scientific principles and phenomena in the home with less-sophisticated equipment. No beakers and Bunsen burners, this is all water glasses, pencils, string, tin cans and rubber bands. Just like the original Mr Wizard shows. This stuff is great. This book, thankfully, is a little more affordable! There seem to be several reprints of this with different covers, as you can see from the Amazon link. There’s even one called “Soft Blu Bonnet Margarine Presents Mr. Wizard’s 400 Easy Experiments in Science by Don Ruchlis, Hy Herbert”. Because when I think of melting something on my toast, I want to think of chemistry! And who the heck are these Hy Herbert and Don Ruchlis guys?