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Upcycling wood pallets

I have a love of free materials for many reasons, not least of which is that I feel fine having dozens of non-working prototypes when I’m building with garbage. It doesn’t get much “freer” than wooden pallets. Here are a few pallet projects I’ve found:

And, a few descriptions of pallet recycling:

Please comment below and let me know what other uses for old pallets I’m missing!

14 thoughts on “Upcycling wood pallets

  1. Pallets burn really well in large bonfires. A stack of them will make a creditable tower of roaring flame if properly arranged and set alight.

  2. I built a fort in my backyard made of pallets, complete with deck, power and a vaulted ceiling…we like to call it redneck recycling…cool links in your post, gives me ideas….

  3. Aren’t these things made of pressure treated wood? I.e treat them as TOXIC? No burning, wash hands, keep away from food e.t.c e.t.c…

  4. I’ve used pallets as impromptu ladders–just cut every other slat out.

    To Winston–I rarely see pressure treated pallets.

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