Brad sends this about his son’s gift project:

For Christmas this year, Lucas made his grandmom a battery powered amp for her guitar. This was a big project – first time with a soldering iron. Worked out well with only one minor burn. He did 80% of the soldering and drilled all the holes for the pots and LED. He turns 6 in Jan – seemed he should learn one last skill while he was still 5.

Great project! Parts to love: scrounging parts out of otherwise dead or useless devices…teaching new skills to kids…making something that couldn’t be bought…online documentation…photos…

What have you made lately? Did it work right the first time? Did you catch some pictures/video/audio of the process? What is your experience teaching kids about electricity, electronics, soldering, programming, hacking? What should people do or not do when they venture out into projects with kids? What workspace, tools or materials would you suggest? Show us your stuff! Add your comments and park your photos and video in the Make Flickr pool.