It’s been an interesting year here at the CRAFT blog, and we’d love to spend this week sharing a look back at 2008 with some of our favorite posts. Each day will have a new “Best of” list with a unique theme! We thought we’d kick things off with some cold, hard facts. Here are the top 10 most viewed posts here on the CRAFT blog for 2008.

Plastic Bag Crafts – Fuse it or lose it!

Knit iPhone – Be careful what you ask for at Christmas!

DIY Tattoo Flash Print – Crafty tattoo art!

CRAFT 101: Silk-Screening – Learn to print your own designs.

CRAFT Podcast Pattern: Fitzpatterns Bird Stencils – These go great with the silkscreen 101!

Knit Sushi – mmmmm… purl maki.

The making of a Marie Antoinette costume – Impress your subjects, but watch out for the guillotine.

Papercraft Milk Cartons – Coffee and TV.

LED Firefly Baby Booties Tutorial – Baby cuteness illuminated.

CRAFT 101: Macramé – not just for grandmas anymore.