In this ‘Sneaky Gadgets’ segment, Cy Tymony demonstrates some innovative and sometimes stealthy uses for magnets. Tired of zippers and buttons? Make like Cy, and insert magnets into your clothing as an E-Z fastener. This prolific Los Angeles-based author and Maker also offers other accessible projects that are great to try with young makers; check out Cy at

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10 thoughts on “Maker to Maker – Magnets

  1. Some nice ideas there. Especially useful seeing as i recently salvaged a few Neodymiums from an old pager belt holder. Im gonna try a few of those proximity switch-like circuits :D

  2. Clever stuff there! I didn’t know about the dolar bill.

    One good source of strong magnets (and other useful things) is old hard drives. Ask the local computer shop if they’ll give you some old drives.

  3. My daughter got Sneaky Girls for Christmas and she loves the book. She came to me the same day with two books stuck together, and I couldn’t get them apart. Sneaky!

  4. I just realized that you have .m4v files available! Yahoo! I use only Free Software ( and can’t see Flash videos. Thank you so much for the free version!

    Thanks to Cy Tymony for the clever video too!

    1. Yeah! We host a video file of all podcasts that go through to the iTunes feed. Glad you’re putting them to good use!

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