The beauty of a step drill bit


After struggling with marred and misshapen metal for his instrument panels, Aris discovered the savior of panel-makers everywhere – the step bit.

Making holes for panel pots and switches has always been a major pain in the butt for me.
I tried lots of times to make different sized holes with standard metal drills on tin sheets but the holes always came out at the wrong places or, due to the fact that I don’t have a drill stand, triangle shaped because of my inability to keep the panels from sliding up and down the drill. They also came out with lots of scrap attached to them (I cannot find the right word but I mean the metal goo that remains at the opposite side of the drill entrance).

Today, I received in the mail a… STEP DRILL!


If you are careful with the step drill you get instant holes at the desired diameter (the numbers on the drill are mm). And since there is a taper leading to the next, larger diameter on the drill, you get instant metal-goo cleaning and flattening. No more scrap at the holes…

Hmmm … I also sense a nibbler in his future – Making panel holes