Another homespun variant of the open source board – this time the design is driven by size with all components mounted on the microprocessor’s back. An impressive feat made a little bit easier by using the Lilypad
Arduino variation which lacks acrystal – still way cool. [Thanks, Mook!]

10 thoughts on “One-chip Arduino

  1. Vivi – look at the RBBB and other small form factor boards using the ATMega168. Why the hostility? It has a bootloader, an easy way to program – what’s wrong?

  2. Usually I hate these so-called minimalist Arduinos, but for some reason this one really appeals to me.

    Excellent soldering skills too.

  3. i did something like this a while back. mine used all smd components, and a mini usb-b connector. it ran @ 16mhz and used a usb bootloader, so you didn’t even need one of those usb -> serial cables. this one looks nice though. my soldering got a bit sloppy in places.

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