Valentine’s Day gift ideas from the Maker Shed

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Valentine’s Day gift ideas from the Maker Shed

Valentine’s Day is just about a week away. Instead of giving the same old chocolates and flowers, why not make a unique gift? Luckily there is still time to pick up something from the Maker Shed. We have a lot of really cool kits for less than the cost of a dozen roses.

We’ll make this Valentine’s Day even sweeter by giving you 10% off the Open Heart kit. This special deal only lasts for today, Friday February 6th! Enter “OHLOVE” at checkout for the discount.

Here are some of the things we made with the Open Heart kit:

How-to Tuesday: Valentines LED display

Open Heart brooch

We have a lot of kits for under $20 that would be the perfect gifts. How about making a MiniPOV and display a cool Valentine’s message? If you make something for Valentines Day, don’t forget to take some pictures and put them in the Make: Flickr Pool. Thanks!

In the Maker Shed:
Makezinepov Crop
MiniPOV kit

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